Our approach

CSBAG works through an outreach structure from grassroots to the National level. In the districts of Kibaale, Abim, Agago, Sheema, Rubanda, Kanungu, Bushenyi, Pader, Budaka, Kakumiro, Kabale and Kibuku 1200 citizens are organised into Participatory Budget Clubs that engage the planning and budget process at the lower local governments. CSBAG has also constituted the Regional Budget Coalitions with CSOs across the country to amplify the budget advocacy work.

 Advocating for improved public investment in the Health sector

  1. Advocacy

    also through its advocacy contributed the reform of direct transfers to Health service delivery centers, which was introduced FY 2014/15. Today, by the 10th month of a new quarter, Ministry of Finance, disburses funds to the service delivery units. This contributes greatly to eliminating delays in the delivery of timely and quality services to the citizens. These advocacies are done through lobbies, petitions, technical talks
  2. Technical support in budget analysis to SWG

    CSBAG provides technical backstopping to the Health Sector working Groups in areas of budget and fiscal policy analysis. Many CSOs engage in budget advocacy and majority stops at calling for increase in budgets. CSBAG offers a unique and unrivalled support to the Health Sector Working group through in-depth analysis of the entire fiscal framework as well as the budget process. CSBAG supports in development of Health Sector Thematic Working Group position papers that are always presented to the policy makers at both local and national levels. See Position papers
  3. Capacity Building

    CSBAG offers capacity building support to organizations engaged in budget advocacy in the social sector. The capacity support is in two areas; program and institutional levels. At program level, CSBAG capacity support ensures program teams are equipped with skills in conducting budget advocacy. CSBAG has built capacity in this practice over a long period of time because fiscal analysis is its core mandate. At institutional level, CSBAG supports corporate governance training to improve the management and accountability of organizations involved in advocacy.
  4. Media engagements

    engages in media actions such as radio and tv talk shows, press briefings on topical issues such as in health and production of periodic newsletters. This helps in enlisting the public and keeps the discussion in public domain to keep pressure on policy makers. See media
  5. Monitoring and Assessments

    CSBAG conducts annual and periodic monitoring and assessments of the social service sectors. In these assessments, health sector always forms part of the key areas for assessments. These reports are published and shared with decision makers to inform policy and practice. See Budget Monitoring Reports

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