About the East Africa Budget Network (EABN)

In March 2018, the East African Budget Network (EABN) was established by Civil Society Organizations in Arusha, Tanzania. This was in response to a gap in fiscal policy related platform in the region. The Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group (CSBAG) of Uganda conceived the idea with Centre for Economic Policy and Priorities of Rwanda and made initial consultations with other likeminded organizations in the East African region. After 3 consultative engagements in Kigali (June 2018), Nairobi (November 2018) and Arusha (March 2019) a Charter of Principles was signed to define the operations of the network. The EABN introduced itself to the EAC Secretariat and formerly registered with the East African Civil Society Organisations Forum (EACSOF). The primary aim of the EABN is a coordinated analysis and policy advocacy on fiscal policies within the EAC countries.

What we do

  1. Partnerships
    i) We build partnerships amongst CSOs within the region. These partnerships foster collaboration in cross boarder engagements.
    ii) We also do partnerships with state actors and regional bodies such as the EAC Secretariat and with State Actors.
  2. Budget Analysis:
    The EAC countries have harmonised their budget reading dates. They also adopt common themes. EABN coordinates a regional level analysis to identify commonalities and areas of divergence. Commitments on cross-boarder infrastructure projects, trade and tax policies and investments in social services are some of the areas for cross-border analysis.
  3. Research and high-level policy analysis.
  4. The platform conducts research and policy analysis into topical issues relevant for the EAC integration.
  5. Capacity Building:
    The platform offers capacity building to organisations and groups in member states. Budget transparency and advocacy is not so developed in other member countries as it is in some others. Supporting CSOs with advocacy tools and strategies is one of the core objectives of the platform.

What has been achieved

  1. Secretariat and registration with EACSOF: The EABN has established a secretariat at CSBAG in Uganda where all its activities are coordinated. The Chairperson is CEPP and has signed a Charter. The platform is also formerly registered with EACSOF and has members in all the EAC countries.
  2. Analysis of the EAC member budgets: The platform has conducted analysis into the EAC member countries budgets for 2019 and 2020. These analyses identified areas where members can focus policy advocacy in their respective countries.
  3. Engagements with the EAC Secretariat. The platform has been engaging with the secretariat to identify areas of value addition. Some of the areas identified is intensifying advocacy on state party commitments to regional projects. When the Head of State Summit occurs, then a comprehensive roadmap can be drawn on areas requiring specific advocacy.


To be a leading platform in fostering fiscal policy and budget accountability within the East African Community.


To empower CSOs and citizens to advocate and influence fiscal policies, budget transparency and social accountability across the EAC


  1. To learn, share and collaborate with other like-minded CSOs in the region to foster cooperation in cross border policy advocacy.
  2. To complement the efforts of regional governments in the integration journeys.
  3. To advocate for budget transparency and social accountability for fiscal policy reforms in the EAC.
  4. To enhance the capacity of CSOs and citizens in budget transparency and social accountability.