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Procedure & Guidelines of Membership

On the basis of the information provided in accordance with established procedure, the coalition will accept the membership of any organization/individual who has met the criteria for membership and has agreed to meet the obligations of membership of the coalition. The proposed procedure is as follows:

The membership form will be reviewed first at the CSBAG secretariat who will confirm that the membership form is complete and if not request missing information. Once an application is complete the secretariat will then, then consider its formal consideration and endorsement or rejection. Acceptance or rejection of the membership application would be by the Coordination organization/secretariat Once approved or rejected, the applicant will be informed of the decision of the secretariat. The decision of the secretariat on the admission or rejection of membership is final. A roster of newly enrolled members will be presented at every last CSBAG meeting in a quarter. The profile of the newly enrolled members will be uploaded to the CSBAG email and recorded in the CSBAG data base at the secretariat.

Membership & Eligibility

You’re a member of CSBAG if the following conditions have been fulfilled: Duly signed the CSBAG membership form delivered to CSBAG secretariat. There is no membership fee paid.

Roles of Every Member

  • Attend and participate in all activities of CSBAG.
  • Attend and participate in all meetings of CSBAG.
  • Keep contact and provide updates to the secretariat.
  • Participating in decision making processes of the CSBAG.
  • To remain fair and impartial during the CSBAG decision making processes.
  • Taking a leadership role on specific activities to implement the CSBAG strategic plan.
  • Mainstreaming CSBAG work in their individual organization’s work.
  • Contributing financially to the CSBAG.
  • Representing CSBAG in other forum.

Confidentiality and Management of membership Information

  • The membership of the CSBAG would be maintained by one of the representative at the secretariat on the behalf of CSBAG.
  • The directory of members will be maintained and open to all members. Summary information will be available to the public/all members.
  • The membership database will as far as possible be integrated with the database maintained in files since we do not have a website yet.
  • The Coordination organization/ secretariat should submit a quarterly report to the coalition members giving information on the status coalition activities, membership, and measures to promote and effectively manage the coalition.
  • Member organizations may from time to time inform the coalition in changes in their organization address and contact details as well as changing the contact person.
  • Updating may be undertaken by way of submitting an Update Form or sending an email.
  • Each member agrees that it will use the same reasonable efforts to protect the other’s proprietary information as it uses to protect its own proprietary information, at present and in the future. Disclosures of such information shall be restricted to those who are directly participating in the CSBAG and efforts identified in this agreement.
  • Any organization/individual that is determined as having provided false or misleading information to the coalition in order to obtain membership may have their membership terminated.
  • Any organization/individual that acts in such a way as to bring the coalition into disrepute or deliberately makes false accusations against the coalition or other member organizations may have their membership terminated.

Assignment or Transferability

These guidelines may not be assigned or otherwise transferred by any of the members.


Each member /organization shall exert their best effort toward successful performance of CSBAG mission mentioned in the guide lines and shall strive to provide high managerial, technical and other personnel to perform and support the activities.